Introducing the Comp Book Cover Sewing Pattern

by Angela Bowman August 17, 2015 1 Comment

The Comp Book Cover sewing pattern is now available!

Get 20% off during launch week with discount code CBCLAUNCH.  Expires 8/23/15.


Personalize your composition book with a versatile fabric cover.  It's simple to sew and cool to have.

The fully lined interior features two pocket options: a large pocket and a small divided pocket.  The pockets are the perfect size for sticky notes and business cards, and situated so your items won't slip out.

Track your pages with the ribbon bookmarks and choose from two enclosure options: an elastic penholder or an elastic band.

The pattern includes two sizes of comp book covers:

  • Standard: 16 x 10 inches finished cover fits a standard 7 1/2 x 9 3/4 inch composition book
  • Mini: 7 x 4 1/2 inches finished cover fits a mini 3 1/4 x 4 1/2 inch composition book

The ribbon bookmark, enclosures, and pockets are completely optional - choose what you want!

The cover looks great quilted or non-quilted.  Apply interfacing to give it a professional finish, or for a quilty look, follow the helpful tips in the pattern.  

To learn more about the pattern, check out the product page: Comp Book Cover.


This design is the result of my addiction to composition books. I use them for SO many things: designing, journaling, blog planning, and day planning.  My day planner is my most favorite composition book hack of all time!

I designed the pattern to be what I want to use.  It originally appeared in the Spring 2013 issue of Stitch Craft Create magazine.  I've made a few tweaks to it, including adding a mini-size version. 


To test the pattern, I gathered a small group of folks with a wide variety of sewing skills, representing a sample of customers. They sewed the project and gave me an honest evaluation of the pattern. 

Here are some responses to my pattern testing feedback survey:

Imagine telling your close friend about this pattern.  What would you say?

"It's a quick, cute and simple beginner project for a notebook cover. The best part is when you sew everything together and turn it out--it's like magic!"  ~ Victoria

"Great "naptime" project. An easy and inexpensive option to dress up the composition notebooks and everything you need is in one spot! I am seeing lots of Christmas presents"  ~ Jen

"I think I would say it was a practical, EASY pattern for all sewing abilities. And so versatile."  ~ Jaime

If you had purchased this pattern, would you be satisfied with your purchase? Why or why not?

"I can see myself making this project a lot for myself/family and quick gifts. A sign of a good pattern investment."  ~ Apryl

"The pattern was not a struggle to get through, and the finished product is nice and well made. I could make them as gifts and everyone would like them."  ~ Tricialyn

"As I said--it's a very versatile pattern. Who can't use a cute notebook cover??"  ~ Victoria

What do you like the most about the pattern?

"It's a versatile pattern--I love that there's so many options with size, quilted/non quilted, closures, pockets, etc. I love that it can make a quick gift for someone."  ~ Victoria

"How quickly it came together! Plus it can be a great stash buster, especially if you quilt or piece together fabric. And you don't have to print off the pattern pieces (I sewed mine based on the measurement chart)."  ~ Jen

"Once I cut out the pattern, the construction came together very quickly for me. That was really nice! I found the diagrams to be clear and helpful."  ~ Liz

What do you like the least about the pattern?

"I had to trim my notebook cover a bit on the top and bottom to get it to fit. Sewing with that many layers and getting an accurate quarter inch seam allowance can be hard. The layers don't always match up perfectly."  ~ Jen

How satisfied were you with the pattern testing process?  If you'd like to elaborate, please feel free!

"Very Satisfied. When we found the issue with the mini book being a smidgen too small, you hopped right on and fixed that :)  This is why we pattern test!!"  ~ Vickie

So!  I received some good comments as well as a suggestion for improvement.  I decided to slightly increase the cover pattern piece for the mini version, since the fit was just too snug.  I also added some sewing tips when the layers bulk up a little, like using a walking foot and a scant 1/4" seam allowance.  We tested out those changes, and we found the sweet spot!  It's still crisp, no floppiness, and not too snug.

Now let's see what some of the testers made!

Jessee made a standard size using her own Bug Invasion Cheater Quilt fabric from Spoonflower.  Love the geometry, colors, and quilting!

Liz made a standard size cover with texty fabric.  I love her choice of applique and how she brought the colors to the inside pockets.

Victoria made a standard size cover as well, in a beautiful large scale floral.  She didn't have any interfacing, so she used some fusible fleece that she had on hand - I love the puffy look!

Tricialyn made a quilted version in the standard size.  I love her fabric choices, the quilting, and the selvage bookmarks.

Debbie made two standard size covers: one quilted and one interfaced.  Here's the quilted one.  Is that some free motion quilting genius, or what?


And here's Debbie's interfaced version.  LOVE the fabric and the extra trim on the inside pockets.

Apryl made this mini cover for her lucky daughter.  The bunting applique and black stitching is adorable!

Vickie made this mini size cover in a deep blue.  It's so crisp and so well made!

How flippin' sweet is this patchwork/applique cover that Karen made?  And the back?  Equally sweet!

Jaime made covers in both standard and mini sizes.  This one is a gift for her #80s90scraftswap partner.  She hasn't fit the comp book in yet (someone get her a comp book, STAT!), but her iPad happens to fit perfectly!  She mistakenly put the interior small pocket panel on the right instead of the left, but you know what?  Big deal!  It still works and looks great!  

And here's Jaime's mini version.  This one, she says, is all hers!

Jen made a standard size cover to use as her sewing sketch pad.  She was just going to do the pen enclosure, but decided to do the band as well, to keep fabric swatches tucked in securely.  Good idea!


January went with more masculine fabrics since this standard size cover is a drawing book for her son.

Cary used jute for the ribbon in her standard size cover, and added a few seashells.  How perfect for this fabric!  And I love the hand stitching.


Get 20% off during launch week with discount code CBCLAUNCH.  Expires 8/23/15.

Go get your copy of the Comp Book Cover PDF sewing pattern!

I can't wait to see what you make!  Hashtag your Instagram pics #CompBookCover.

Angela Bowman
Angela Bowman


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August 17, 2015

This is very cool Angela! Love your attention to detail and your testers made delightful covers!

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