HST Alphabet

  • A sewing pattern for an alphabet collection of patchwork quilt blocks.  Inspired by half-square triangles (HST).  Geometric. Drop-shadowy.  Geeky cool for all your texty quilting needs.

    This sewing pattern tells you how to sew fabric squares together to make 47 different quilt blocks of letters, numbers, and punctuation, each in two different sizes. Please note that this pattern only includes instructions for making quilt blocks, NOT a finished project such as a quilt.

    Each quilt block has an easy-to-follow assembly grid, made of only two shapes: a simple square and a half-square triangle (HST), which is a square formed of two right triangles. Each quilt block has a block map with a color legend key of 7 colors. Experiment with your own color combinations using the block maps as coloring pages!

    The pattern instructions cover selecting fabric, making the block units, assembling the block, tips for using light fabric, and ideas for customizing the blocks and using them in creative ways.

    The size of each block varies, as letters are inherently different sizes. The width varies significantly, while height varies not as much.

    • Small blocks range from 5" - 11" wide to 9.5" - 11" tall
    • Large blocks range from 11" - 25" wide to 21.5" - 25" tall

    To learn more about this pattern, see what the pattern testers made, and to hear what they said about the pattern, read our post: Introducing the HST Alphabet Quilt Block Sewing Pattern

    Learn how to make HSTs with some handy-dandy tutorials that include some helpful video:
    How to Sew Half-Square Triangles (HST) - 2 at a Time
    How to Sew Half-Square Triangles (HST) - 8 at a Time

  • This project is pre-cut and scrap friendly! Small blocks require 2" and 2.5" fabric squares, while large blocks require 4" and 5" fabric squares. For a detailed listing of the required fabric squares for each block, see the back cover image, where you'll also find the supplies and tools you'll need.

    Making multiple blocks and want to know how much fabric you'll need according to fabric type (5” charm squares, fat quarters, or yardage)? The included fabric requirements flowchart and calculation sheets make it easy for you.

    • This digital PDF pattern will be emailed to you via a download link upon purchase.
    • The PDF file is 9.7 MB and consists of 63 pages.
    • After saving the file, you can choose to print it or view it from your computer or mobile device. When printing, set the print scale at 100% and ensure “Scale to Fit” is not checked.