Call for Pattern Testers

by Angela Bowman November 03, 2014

Call for Pattern Testers |

I want to develop products that I want to use. That’s one of my guiding principles as a creative business owner.

Throughout my life I’ve made a lot of things from sewing patterns, so I’m in-tune with how the pattern itself makes the process enjoyable for me. Here’s a little checklist that makes a good pattern in my eyes:

  • The sewing project is something I’d love to have, or I know that someone would love it if I made it for them.
  • The pattern is visual, easy-to-understand, and it calls for widely-available materials.
  • It has a ton of value, with size variations or customization options.
  • It doesn’t make any assumptions about my sewing skill level. It explains the process to be beginner-friendly, yet not too simplified to turn me off if I have more advanced sewing skills.
  • It provides extra tools or guides to aid in understanding, to make the project easy, or to just make it more fun.

And so I’m using this checklist as a set of standards for developing sewing patterns. It’s important to me for my patterns to be “just right”, so I tend to take my time to make them great.

An essential part of pattern development involves testing the patterns to see if they meet these standards.This is where pattern testers come in! They’re a small group of folks with a wide variety of sewing skills, representing a sample of customers. They sew the project and give me an honest evaluation of the pattern. Since my goal is to have a stellar product, I have to be open to constructive feedback, good and bad.

So! Would you like to be considered to participate in future pattern testing for Angela Bowman Design?

Pattern testers receive the initial draft version of the pattern, gather their own materials, sew the project, and submit photos and feedback – all within a set time period. Testers keep the items they make, may be featured on the Angela Bowman Design blog, and receive a free PDF of the finalized pattern.

If interested, just complete this Pattern Testing Interest form. There’s no commitment involved at this point, it’s just a way for me to contact you. I’ll review your information and take a peek at any sewing projects you’ve shared online. When there are new patterns to be tested and if I believe that you would be a good testing team member, I’ll be in touch with more information.

So what makes a good testing team member? Here are the traits that I’m looking for…do they describe you?

  • Friendly, reliable, detail-oriented.
  • Helpful communicator with a positive outlook and enthusiastic personality.
  • Enjoy surrounding myself with friendly and innovative people.

Angela Bowman
Angela Bowman


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