Sew and Share - a Printable Guide

by Angela Bowman November 03, 2014

My “phone” has become a favorite sewing tool.

I love to use my phone to post pictures of my sewing process on social media. It’s such a fun and easy way to share the creative things I love while being helpful at the same time. It’s also great to see what others are making. I learn so much and am so inspired by the creative people I follow, particularly on Instagram.

Mentioning is typing the @ sign before someone’s username in your post. They’ll get a notification of your post. other users and using hashtagsHashtags involves typing any word or phrase (with no spaces), immediately preceded by the # symbol. The hashtag makes that word clickable, showing all other posts containing the same hashtag. Sort of like an electronic search. are great ways to connect with others. I get talk to the people behind some of my favorite sewing brands, as well as meet so many creative people who share my love of sewing. The online sewing community is one of the best, really.

As I sew, I find myself keeping sticky notes of hashtags and usernames I want to use in my posts. Like whenever I use Kona Cotton fabric, I like to use the hashtag #KonaCotton. It’s one of the most inspiring hashtags out there. It just makes me want to sew. And this is just one example. Look up the usernames for your favorite fabrics, pattern designers, notions, tools, and retailers – and give them a follow. And your favorite sewing patterns and techniques undoubtedly have hashtags – search them out. Just be aware of the spiraling vortex of inspiration time-suck that will ensue :)

Rather than keeping sticky notes to track all of this, I came up with a little cheat sheet to make things easier: Sew & Share. It’s a free printable guide, just for you! Print out the PDF and note your favorite resources (usernames & hashtags) in the convenient little sections I’ve made: Pattern, Fabric, Notions, Tools, Techniques, Retailers, and Other.

So have fun sewing and share the love online! And if you’d like, share posts of your completed Sew & Share guide, using the hashtag #SewAndShare of course!

Sew and Share – a Printable Guide by Angela Bowman Design

Angela Bowman
Angela Bowman


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