Comp Book Cover - Call for Pattern Testers

by Angela Bowman July 18, 2015

I'm writing another sewing pattern, folks!  It's a comp book cover for encasing your composition notebooks.

This sewing pattern originally appeared in the Spring 2013 issue of Stitch Craft Create magazine. To see some of the covers I've made, read my Composition Book Cover post on my personal blog.  Since the magazine article published, lots of people have been asking for the pattern, and I'm finally getting it done!  I've made a few tweaks to it, including adding a mini-size version.

Would you like to be a pattern tester for the Comp Book Cover?  To learn more about my pattern testing process, visit my Call for Pattern Testers post, where you'll find a link to a submission form.  You would need to make your own comp book cover, submit pics, and give me your feedback by 8/7/15.  Thanks!

Angela Bowman
Angela Bowman


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