Luke-Vader Duel
"Luke-Vader Duel" quilt, 24" x 13", made in May 2022.
For Star Wars Day Audrey Esarey and I made gifts for each other, and this is what I made for her. Audrey shared a few of her favorite scenes from the movies, and one of them was the Luke-Vader duel from The Empire Strikes Back. Here it is in quilt form. It was challenging to sew since it’s so small, but I did it for a fellow Star Wars nerd :)
I used the original movie poster as inspiration:
Here's my simplified and cropped version:
I added sewing translation lines. Adobe Illustrator in the iPad is perfect for this.
I used solid fabrics exclusively (from my shop Sewfinity). The color palette had 26 total colors, most of them cyan and green-cyan.
Here's the design wall progression:
I started getting excited when I sewed Luke's block. Btw, sewing a light saber is super-fun.
Also, this seriously happened while sewing. 🖤
Vader is wayyyyyyyy more simple to sew than Luke.