Angela Bowman Design is founded on Angela's love for sewing. She learned how to sew in her junior high school home economics class. After that, she looked at the stuff you can buy in stores in a whole new way, thinking, "I can make that! And I can make it with whatever fabric I want! And it's flippin' fun to do!" She became obsessed with sewing, and it has forever spoiled her by not having to settle for pre-made things. Having the freedom and the know-how to make things yourself is a wonderful, empowering thing.

Angela designs sewing projects at Angela Bowman Design and is the current vice president of the Boise Modern Quilt Guild. Her work has been published on many websites as well as Modern Patchwork and Stitch Craft Create magazines. Angela manages business operations at a software development company that she co-owns with her husband in Meridian, Idaho where they live with their two children.

Angela grew up in Filer, Idaho and received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Idaho State University. She has over 15 years experience in the health care industry specializing in process improvement, content management, financial analysis, and technical writing.

Angela loves to design sewing projects with a digital vibe. She is inspired by modern technology, grid systems, geometry, nostalgia, personalization, and a hint of geek. She is a planner at heart, a helpful communicator, enjoys connecting others, and likes to surround herself with friendly and innovative people.

Her quilt “Self Portrait Behind The Pixels” was featured at QuiltCon 2017, an international modern quilt show that took place Feb 23-26, 2017, in Savannah, Georgia. Angela's work was one of only 350 quilts selected from a pool of over 1,500 entries, chosen by a jury of modern quilters.

To see what she's currently up to, take a peek on the blog, sign up for her email newsletter, or follow her on Instagram at @angelabdesign.